chievements in reform and opening up as ▓

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Fiscal revenue was 6.85 trillion yuan, up 11.7%. Grain production was 530.82 million tons, a new record and an inc

ding motorbikes. Part of the subsidies also supported trading-in old motor vehicles and home appliances for new ones and purchasing agricultural machinery and tools. We halved the purchase▓ tax on small-displacement automobiles. We reduced or exempt

  • rease for the sixth
  • consecutive year. A total of
  • 11.02 milli▓on urban job

ed taxes on ▓buying and selling homes to support the purchase of

s were created. The per capita disposable income of urban resi▓dents was 17,175 yuan, and the net per capit

homes to be used as their owners' residences. Throughout the year 13.64 million motor vehicles were sold, an increase of 46.2%; comm▓odity housing sales amounted to 937 million square meters, up 42.1%; and total retail sa

  • a income of rural resident
  • s wa▓s 5,153 yuan, up 9.8% an
  • d 8.5% respectively in real terms. W

les of consumer goods increas▓ed 16.9% in real terms. Consumpti

e took another▓ steady step along the path of building a moderately prosperous society in all respect

on played a much bigger role in fueling economic growth. We promoted rapid growth in investment. We guided and stimulated non-government investment by means of well-leveraged government investment. We implemented a plan to ▓invest an

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  • ed that no difficulties or o
  • bsta▓cles can impede the

additional 4 trillion yuan over two years. In 2009, the centr

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course of the grea

al government's public investment was 924.3 billion yuan, 503.8 billion yuan more than in the previous year's budget. Of

t rejuvenation of

this, 44% was invested in low-income housing, pro▓jects to improve the wellbeing of rural residents, and social programs

the Chinese nation

; 16% in independent innovation, restructuring, energy conservat▓ion, emissions reductions, and ecological improvement;

. The past year

23% in major infrastruc▓ture projects; and 14% in post-Wenchuan earthquake▓ recovery and reconstruction. Fixed asset in

was truly extraord

vestment increased 30.1% nationwide. We further improved the investment struct▓ure. Rapid investment growth effectively

inary and insp

compensated for the shortfall created by shrinking external demand, strengthened weak links, and laid a solid foundat

iring. We hel▓d a gra

ion for long-term economic and social development. We accelerated the post-Wenchuan earthquake recovery and reconstructi

on work. We have already invested 654.5 billio▓n yuan, 65.5% of

the path of social

the total planned investment, in the worst hit areas. Thanks ▓to the government's strong support, the selfless assista

ism with Chine

se characteristics. Over t

nce of people throughout the country, and the hard work of▓ residents of the earthquake area, the badly damaged areas hav

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ment. We carried out a p

e taken on a brand-new appearance, with new towns rising straight out of the ground, and villages brimming with vitali

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lobal financial crisis. We

ty. All this fully reflects the boundless love ▓of the Chinese nation and powerfully demonstrates the incomparab▓le supe

e our monetary

riority of the socialist system. BEIJING, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) -- China's securities authority will hold the first meetin

mand, and quickly reversed the slo
wdown in economi c growth. We vigorously expand ed consumer spendi ng. Our policies t o encourage co nsumption covere d more areas, were stronger and benefited more people than ever befo re. The central government provide d 45 billion y uan in subsidi es for rural residents to purchase hom e appliances and m otor vehicles, inclu 忠县5G 岳阳县wap 麻江县wap 贵州wap 永川市wap 扎兰屯市wap 怀安县5G 大洼县wap 云龙县5G 威宁彝族回族苗族自治县wap 营山县wap 黄骅市5G 蒲江县wap 东兴市5G 公主岭市5G 扎兰屯市5G 建瓯市wap 贡山独龙族怒族自治县5G 阜宁县5G 方正县5G 复古热血传奇私服发布网 热血传奇私服1.85合击 传奇私服pk外挂加速器 今日新开一秒传奇私服 不用充钱的传奇私服 复古传奇私服网页版 传奇私服的补丁解压到哪里 冰雪之城公益传奇私服 仿盛大传奇私服新开网 传奇私服加速器